1/12 Darius chassis smartphone stand

1/12 Darius chassis smartphone stand

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1/12 Darius chassis smartphone stand 

brand new original taito product. 

It is a smartphone stand which reproduced the 19-inch darius case of the arcade game "Darius" which began operation in 1987 on about 1/12 scale. 

When you remove the rear panel and set up a smartphone or a handheld game machine, the screen will be displayed on the screen by the mirror, so when you play a playing video such as "Arcade Do Archives Darius" you can display it with realistic feeling like a real chassis I will. 

A smartphone with a horizontal width of 85 mm, a portable game machine can be set. 

IPhone 6/7 is the best size, but "Arcade Archives Darius" allows you to adjust the display position and size, so you can display it with just the best position and size even with other screen size smartphones. 

When PS Vita is installed, game play of "Arcade Archives Darius" by PS4 remote play is also possible. It will be fun for some reason than playing normally with PS Vita so please try it. 

In the Xperia series, you can enjoy PS4 remote play more comfortably using an external controller.