About Us

Short Story :)

We start our gaming passion with a c64 and spent our youth with all gaming systems but when you grow up you have to make choices for life and work. We have chosen to combine our passion with work. We begun to treat imports since 1995 working for a small shop until 2000. From 2001 We decided to start our own business. From 2009 we moved permanently in japan for offer games directly from the source.

We import export games from japan to any country in the world. We are a registered business company in japan and we can supply good games for good prices.

- sale explanation:

Our prices are in JPY (japanese yen).
Most if not all items are SHIPPING INCLUDED
We accept payment with PAYPAL secure service.

- our goal:

Offer games or anything else at lowest price. If someone is selling cheaper please contact us and we can speak about it trying to find a good deal for both us and you.

- we deal in:

Anything you need. Our customers requests space from arcade games, retrogames, toys, car parts, bike parts, gadgets, anime, manga, food and many others. If you need japanese stuff we can deal with it.

- items conditions:

All games and consoles are used tested and working. We dont sell stuff just out of the shelf from shops without do a good test.

- guarantee

DOA items are covered by guarantee. We will try to help you for any problem but if that is more than we can do. Item need to be returned and we can offer exchange with same item or other item in our stock.

- items originality

Lately in this market some italian and french sellers from Japan started to sell fakes reproduction for aes/md and sfc expensive games and sell cd software with copied spinecards. be aware of these sellers!
Our items are all verified and 100% legit, real, original, no scams.

- not available items:

If we dont have, we can find it! if you are searching something we dont have please feel free to ask and we will try to find it.

- wholesales

We are suppliers for some big names shops and private resellers around internet. If you want buy stuff in bulk for resale purpose please dont esitate to contact us for talk and find an agreement.

- questions:

For any questions or doubts please feel free to contact us.

Thank you.

FJRS Team.